Saturday, December 27, 2008

Retail Detail

So, as I have not much interesting going on in my life at the moment, I thought I'd write about a few pointers, or suggestions, to remember when you're going shopping in a retail store. I've always tried to be somewhat conscious of the workers at stores, but being on the other side has shown me a thing or two. These are merely suggestions that would make a retail worker's day!

1. When trying on clothes, it would be so nice of you to hang up everything that you tried on (that is, if it came on a hanger) before leaving the fitting room--unless you plan on buying the item.

2. If you're looking at a stack of clothes that has recently been folded, it'd be real nice if you tried not to mess up the whole stack when you're looking for your size. I know that's not always possible; I'm just asking to make sure it doesn't look like a hurricane hit that pretty stack of clothes.

3. If you go into a store and have no intentions on buying anything, please don't try on 50 different items. It's such a tease!

4. If you see a worker helping out a customer, please don't interrupt him/her unless it's a last resort--especiallly when they seem overloaded, and it's a useless question such as asking about where another store is located.

5. If you see shirts folded in a unique way and you think you can refold it that way, be my guest. If not, don't fold it some obviously incorrect way and walk away, smirking. It's just going to look silly and have to be completely refolded anyway. You'll probably get the evil eye. I mean, did it actually look like the rest of the stack?

6. If you're trying to be one of those amazingly kind people who puts up their stuff after trying it on, it'd be even better if you put your size in the correct spot. If not, you can leave it to the fitting room attendant to put up, or leave it hanging in the area where the "clothes that didn't work" are located.

7. If someone is in the middle of a transaction at the register, please don't ask them to go do something. They can't just leave the register in the middle of things.

8. When you're asked who was helping you, do you best to name ANYONE who did. If you're asked this, commission is might be involved. If not commission, then the store is trying to keep up with how each associate is doing in sales. Either way, it's important. It's quite a pet peeve when someone helps a customer and then the customer says, "Oh, I helped myself." Yeah, I'm sure you magically opened up the jewelry case and got that necklace, woman.

9. Don't leave empty coffee cups or trash on a shelf in the store. You know good and well that the store is not a trash can.

10. If you knock something over, pretty please pick it up. Don't let it collect dust and footprints on the floor.

11. Don't be afraid to ask an associate for help. It's actually pretty fun when you can answer people's questions! And when you don't like something that was picked out, it's ok to say no. It helps him/her figure out what you're looking for!

12. Lastly, when you're really nice to the workers, it makes them want to help you even more. People who are rude might seem to get their way, but it puts everyone in a bad mood. Being cheerful makes things move along quicker, and everyone is better for it!

That's all I got for now. If I think of more, I'll add 'em.

German phrase:
Wie alt bist du?--How old are you?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back in the game

Wow, was my last post really at the end of November? I'm embarrassed. I am nothing short of a slacker. My apologies to all you "avid readers" a.k.a. "bored-out-of-your-mind-begging-for-something-to-do-at-work readers." You know who you are :) I'm glad to be back on the blog field. My fingers are a little rusty, but I doubt that will make much of a difference. My first post back will be to talk about the wonderful event that took place this weekend: My Kage's beautiful wedding. It's still hard to believe she's already had it. I mean, she's no longer just Katie Henry. She's Katie Zumo! Ah! All I have to say is... welcome to the end of the alphabet, Katie bug!

Well, for those of you who didn't go, you missed out on much. The church was absolutely gorgeous-- and the ceremony gave you plenty of time to admire it. The rehearsal began at 5:30 on Friday, but of course I arrived late, along with Harper Ferg a few minutes behind me. BUT it being Katie's wedding, we didn't stick out like a sore thumb at all. The rehearsal dinner was so laid back. I absolutely loved it. The only light in the whole room was candle light. So many people gave toasts to Luke, to Katie.. and to Katie AND Luke. It was truly an honor to hear the love each of them has given and received from all their friends and family.

The reception was my favorite part because I was finally able to see so many people that I hadn't seen in awhile, and even take a most obvious picture with a few of them. I mean, seriously, we blocked one of the walkways so that we could all get in a picture together. I love my life. It was worth it to all get together... I mean, who knew so many people from Heritage class of '03 were gonna make it to the big easy?? I think maybe a fourth of the class was there? (even if that's only out of about 50 people....)

Katie was such a beautiful bride, as was expected. She was all smiles as the Priest announced, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Zumo! That's yet another close friend who I've watch make one of the happiest decisions of her life. Well, that's all I need to write about this. Congrats my Kage!

German word:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Weeks Notice

Well, I haven't been writing much in here because I feel like there's not much to update anyone. I doubt anyone really wants to here things like: woke up at 10 am, watched a few TV shows, got gas, met with my friends to cook dinner. That's pretty much the basis of my mundane life. I'm not complaining in the least, just explaining. I did have an exciting moment today, though. I finally turned in my 2 weeks notice J.Crew (a.k.a. the crew). Well, it's not exciting that I won't have anymore sweet deals, but it DOES mean that it's getting closer and closer to time for my German adventure.

My friend Laur and I got to chatting tonight (for some 3 or so hours, go figure), and I realized how much of a change I've seen in her. She has grown so much in so many ways over the course of our friendship, as well all do, but most obviously I've seen it spiritually in her these past few months. Our conversations often times drift into very humbling and inspiring conversations over points in theology. I just want to write a quick note to encourage her as she encourages me! Laur (or Springer--whatever you prefer), thanks for being there for me and listening when I've needed it. I hope I haven't embarrassed you :) *The picture is from a day we got to Disney, the happiest place on earth.*

Well, I think I've covered any important highlights in my life at the moment. Good night to all!

German word:
Was sagst du?--What are you saying?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whatcha Got Cookin?

Tip of the Day (oh, my name is so pun-ny):
When searching for a new recipe, go to I discovered how useful that website is. Users rate and comment on recipes, and let you know how the food really tastes, sometimes including ways to improve the awful to almost perfect. Cooking has never been a strength of mine, and as I don't like receiving poor results in anything in life, I've sought out teaching myself how to cook. Needless to say, it's a very slow process :) I love receiving pointers and new recipes if you have any!

Click here if you want a great gingerbread cookie recipe. I have somewhat of a sweet tooth..and if I'm not careful, it'll be a sweet cavity.

Happy Week before Thanksgiving. The Twilight movie comes out this coming weekend for anyone who loves Edward Cullen!

German Word:
kochen--to cook

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Nation

Well, I'm nervous about our new Presidential Elect. There, I said it. I didn't vote for him. I'm not ashamed. But, what comforts me to know is that God is still in control, no matter what human takes ahold of this nation. All things are done according to His purpose. It's been a week since the election, and people's nerves are calming down, including mine. I just hope all my suspicions are proven wrong (although I have to admit that deep down, I kinda hope they're right).

On a more positive note, Todd and Rebecca just returned from their honeymoon, two days late. One disappearing airplane, a cheap hotel with a sewage view, and an extra stay overnight in Charlotte later, that is. They were so happy to be home. We all are glad to have the Smiths back home too!

Happy November everyone... and don't worry, I don't think it's too early to listen to Christmas music!!

German Word:
das Handy--cell phone

Friday, November 7, 2008

The New Smith

Disclaimer: Lots of pictures = the illusion of a long post. sorry!

So this weekend's wedding--SUCCESS! amazing. phenomenal. superb. loverly. It was one of THE best weddings I've been to! Probably most of that had to do with the fact that I knew 80% of the people at the wedding/reception, and was related to another 7%. There were people there I hadn't seen in awhile, and then there were people who I hadn't seen in around oooh, 6 years, like Chuck Gatton! I was so excited to see my old swim coach! He looks exactly the same. It was so great to get to talk with him, if only for a little while. I cannot explain how great everything went. I am so happy for my big bro! And now the smith kids' tally has moved up to 5, and I finally have an "older sister"! yahoo!

To give a few details, the luncheon was great--some FINE chicken salad and meeting of some fellow bridesmaids. The rehearsal dinner was great, bringing a few tears to my eyes and preventing me from making a speech (I'm a chicken; no dry eyes, no talk). My brother knows what I would have said, though. That's what is important. Oh, and did I mention that the food there was great? My Aunt Judy made some homemade german (Ja Ja!) chocolate cake that I most willingly devoured. The wedding ceremony was a bit longer than I expected, and a lot different since it was at Rebecca's parents church and they are Episcopal. So it was not the 25 minute wedding that I'm used to, but it did have some good singing.

Then there was the reception. SO GREAT. After talking my voice box empty and listening my ear off, I learned I missed the bouquet toss (I still haven't figured out how or why no one came to get me??? not that I would try to catch that sucker..) along with the garter toss. BUT then the fun began. Corky pulled mom on the dance floor, and after finishing, let my dad take over. I think that's probably the first time I've seen my parents dance together & just so happened to capture the most amazing picture of them smiling so big! --> After 70% of the reception attendants left, the dancing was the best. The band played some sweet late 80s/early 90s music. In other words, the perfect genre. Caitlyn, Corky, Todd, and I started breaking it down once Thriller hit, but what got us truly in tune with the music was Bon Jovi-Livin' on a prayer. I wish I had it one video. I've never been out of breath from basically lip syncing a song, but boy did I break a sweat on that one! I love my family! And my guitar hero skills came out when Sweet Child of Mine came on.. I knew that guitar part by heart.

Anyways, Todd and Rebecca ran out through a line of cherished family and friends, sparkling the way to the car. It was a beautiful sight. They rode off in a Bentley and flew out for Antigua Sunday! I hope everyone who came had so much fun. I loved seeing faces long forgotten and can't wait to have more memories that equate with this weekend.

German word:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A big smith weekend

So, this upcoming week is spent on anxious nerves and excitement... at the upcoming wedding of my brother! He and Rebecca are getting married on Saturday. I cannot believe it's already here. It's a big to do in this family because he is the first of the 4 of us to get married. They've been dating for over 5 years now, so its not unexpected that they tie the knot. It's just different that its actually happening. I've told so many people, and, to be honest, it still hasn't hit me. I know it will once Friday night gets here with the rehearsal dinner. First wedding I've been in that I've been related to either the bride or groom! Yay! I know that it will be a totally different experience.

That's all my week entails--getting reading for the big I Do's and all the food that it includes!

German word:
heiraten--to marry

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's been awhile.

I feel like I haven't told an awkward moment story in quite awhile (or ahwhile, if you like to say your w's like that. you know like "hwhat?") so here's one or two that have happened.

One moment happened yesterday. I don't know what it is with me and Borders workers sometimes, but I just don't click well with them (I've written a blog about a nice guy who gave me the stone face at a joke of mine..). So needless to say, the setting of the situation was at Borders. So there I am, with not much to do the rest of the day but read, and I have all afternoon to do it. YES! My day is looking bright. So I walk up, order my coffee, and sit down. Oh, did I mention this guy who took my order might be "batting for the other team"? Well, being the only one of about 4 people in the coffee section, the guy making my "coffee" (a.k.a. white chocolate mocha) yells out at me if I want whip cream. I kind of take that as my cue to walk up there and get my drink. After responding with a polite, "No thanks," he starts adding a little white chocolate syrup (I think that's what it was?) on the top in a cool design. I say, "ooooh, pretty!". Did I really just say that? Why didn't I just say thank you, or just nothing at all! And his response? "......." yeah, that's right. Nothing. He looks me in the face, no smile, nothing. Pushes me my drink, and walks away. I wasn't being sarcastic. I thought it was pretty! So, I walked away feeling like a complete dork. Yay for Day! I shouldn't be allowed to leave the house alone.

Well, I think that's all I can feel worthy about writing right now... except for the moment today when I spit water all over myself at cycling class. yep. I took a big drink of my water, and before I could even swallow it, I choked on it. And what did I do? I spit it out. All over myself and the floor. Do I have a brain? I guess I had no other choice, but everyone in there looked at me like.... um, what just happened? Good thing the lights in there are off! Maybe no one got a good look at me when I left? Hahahaha.. I love my life. Good night everyone!

German Word
schlafen--to sleep

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Week of Wonderful

So this week as been full of exciting events.

First, as a mentioned earlier in this blog, I got to go see STOMP on Tuesday. Seriously, if you've heard of them or seen them, like them or hate them, you've got to go to their show. They are AMAZING at what they do! It easily makes you want to get up and go join them on stage. I kept hoping they were going to ask for a volunteer from the audience. If you know me, you know I don't have a problem making a fool of myself if it gets me on stage. Who am I kidding. I don't have a problem making a fool of myself in general. Moving along, they make music/beats with everyday objects like trashcans, boxes of matches, newspapers, brooms, chairs... you get the picture. There was even a moment where three of them come out and have huge metal trashcans strapped to their feet. Awesome. Youtube them immediately.

After heading back to Columbus on Wednesday, I met up with my mom and headed to Birmingham. We made a pit stop in Tuscaloosa to hang out with the sis until it was time to hit the road and go see Michael Bublé!!! The pair of tickets were one of my dad's birthday presents to my mom. I saw MB earlier this year, but like I'd be dumb enough to not go see him again! Plus, even though my mom isn't necessarily a big Michael listener, all of his music was familiar to her since she's heard most of the original singers sing his songs. I will say that ol' Mike is a bit, shall we say, risqué with his commentaries between songs. But I let it slide because he's beautiful and I hope to marry him.. one day. For now, I'll just let him sing me to sleep.

After getting home late from Birmingham, I received my email of congratulations from UMC for being accepted into med school (as you can see below) and thoroughly freaked out. I mean, I was at the point where I couldn't even move. I still don't feel like it is actually happening. Ah! I'm actually going to be Dr. Day now.. no more joking about it! Thanks to everyone who prayed for me!!

Well, I guess that's all she wrote for now. Have a great weekend!

German word:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doctor Day!

Just had to make a real quick post to say....


Thank you Lord for letting this amazing opportunity happen!

My parents even sent me these beautiful flowers:

I am so blessed!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lock Down

I had an interesting Friday night that I thought I might share. Here's the scene:

After posting my so exhilarating blog on Friday, I was (needless to say) running little behind schedule. I have half straight hair, not a drop of makeup ob, zero shoes, and 15 minutes to get ready. Well, we all know that when you get a little pushed for time, you get a little on edge. I had just let my brother's dog outside and he was already whining to get back inside. Something as small as that whine set me off. I stepped outside, shutting the door behind me, to tell him to quit whining. After telling him to sit, I turned around to go back inside... except I couldn't.. BECAUSE I LOCKED MYSELF OUT. Super. Awesome. This is so great. I LOVE my life. Oh, and did I mention that I left my phone inside?

So there I am, sitting outside the back door with just the doorknob locked. I don't know what in the world to do, and I'm already in a bad mood. Help. I first attempt to find anything that is outside that I can use to unlock the door. I came up empty. Sweet. So, after much contemplation and walking back and forth, I decide to go to my brother's neighbor's house (people to whom I have never said a word) and ask for help. I heard them talking outside and finally, I dug down deep inside to find some courage and politely said, "Excuse me? Is anyone over there?" I sounded harmless enough. I did feel quite silly, though. Fortunately, the wife answered and I quickly explained that I was locked out. Being the kindest woman ever, she let me borrow her cell phone. Now who I am going to call? The only people's numbers I know who could even think about helping are my parents (in Columbus), Todd (at his bachelor party), and Corky (at Todd's bachelor party). Gosh, this night just keeps getting better and better.

Well, after contacting my parents, with my mom probably wondering what kind of daughter she raised, I contacted Todd's future in-laws. No spare key in sight. The only spare key Todd has is, oh yeah, on my key chain, locked safely IN the door inside his house. Yay! The neighbors gave me a card to see if I could basically break into Todd's house, and the movies are liars. It is so not easy to get inside a locked house. Finally, after figuring there was nothing left to do, I call my parents back who have apparently already called a lock smith to come over. The neighbors have somewhere to go, so I thank them and watch them leave, along with my only means of contacting the outside world. Did I mention that, while this is happening, my friends are thoroughly freaking out because no one has heard from me, and its been 30 minutes since I was supposed to meet them.

Well, after all sunlight has gone, I sat in the driveway with nothing but a streetlight to comfort me, holding my brothers dog. I have no idea if the locksmith knows where I am, and I begin to get a little nervous. I began to pray because we all know that a girl by herself sitting in a driveway looks weird and unsafe. No lie, probably 2 minutes after I finished praying, my friends Nikki and Amanda drive up at Todd's, rescuing me from my near depression. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer and giving me amazing friends! About 5 minutes later, the locksmith arrived and so easily unlocked the door. At least it made for an interesting night. We'll holla!

German word:
Denken--to think
(..which apparently, I didn't do much of Friday night)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Who is that?

As I was flipping through the channels the other day, I passed by Bewitched. I got to thinking. You know what I've always wondered? How tv shows think they can pull off changing actors/actresses who play main characters mid-series. You know what shows I mean--Harriet on Family Matters, Vivian on Fresh Prince, Darren on Bewitched...I mean, really. I understand that for whatever reason the actor/actress couldn't fulfill his/her roll that they couldn't just stop the show. That doesn't make it any better though. I couldn't imagine being around when those shows first came out and I saw the new Vivian for the first time. I mean, hello? Who is that woman and why is pretending to be married to Uncle Phil. Did they do a disclaimer at the beginning of the show? The internet wasn't really there to throw the news around about what happened. And, I don't know about you, but I never like the second actor/actress as much as the first. They always seemed to have more attitude. Well, at least the second Harriet did. Good grief.

Moving along, I get to see STOMP live and in action this coming Tuesday. How cool is that? I didn't know they were coming to the MS, but apparently they are, and apparently I have a ticket. I hope they rock out like they do on youtube.

Well, I don't need to ramble anymore, so I'm out! By the way, I'm sending out letters asking for support for my Germany trip. Let me know if you're interested! Just comment or email me. Happy weekend!!

German word:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

When Family comes to town..

Do you ever have those moments when you are at home that make you doubt your plan in life and desire moving back home with your parents? Well, if you haven't, then I hope you experience it one day. I came to home to hang out with the parentals on Thursday and have yet to return to Jackson (keep in mind the fact that I don't have work again until this coming Thursday played a crucial role in that decision.) Since being home, I have seen every member of my amusing and different family.

After having dinner with my parents on Thursday night, I finally shared my time with them with my brothers. Todd and Corky both came to town Friday night, to a meal of pot roast, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, and some FINE rolls. All of these were prepared but my mother and yours truly (more of the mother and less of the yours truly, to be honest). I have to admit that having my whole family (minus Caitlyn, and yes you were missed, sister) sitting around eating dinner and being together was a great feeling--even if they devoted much of their Friday night to watching BASEBALL.

Saturday came with many errands on the brothers' parts, and after a Front Door lunch and half time of the Ole Miss game, they turned back onto the road from whence they came. The rest of Saturday I spent with my lovely mother and was promptly into my pajamas and reading by... 7:30. Yes, I am cool.

Today was the final installment of the family time because the youngest decided to join us in adventuring in Columbus. Caitlyn couldn't resist the fact that every other child had been in town for the weekend, so she jumped on the band wagon. The girls of the fam decided to satiate their cravings and go to the Mexican Kitchen for dinner. We were all so eager to go that we had arrived, eaten, and left before 6:15 even thought about being. I felt like an 80-year-old mamaw for eating at such a young hour, but it happens to the best of us. I guess I should have felt like an old woman when I realized it was okay to put on PJs at 7:30 P.M. After finishing dinner, I went with my dad and fell into our old routine of a Sunday night movie, and we saw Shia Labeouf rocking out in Eagle Eye (where I will have a review for here). That brings me to now, and now means it is time to sleep. I just want to remind everyone that family is such a crucial part of my life, and I hope that it is for you, too!

German Word:
lieben--to love

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Real Quick..

A quick note--I have actually reopened an old blog that I had where I review movies (yes, I have unnecessarily large amounts of time on my hands). I see way too many movies anyway, so I figure I might as well go ahead and put it to use. Whether its in the theaters or came out in 1953, I'm going to review it as soon as I watch it. Hope we have similar taste in movies! I added it to my links on the right. Happy Wednesdaying.

German word:
(say it like your from Sweden or something; basically its Ya)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pump it Up

So last Friday I had the opportunity to be a little kid again. You remember those big blow up things that you could go inside and jump on? Well, imagine that, but 11 different ones, each with something different to do. There were obstacle courses, slides, and jousting. IT WAS AWESOME!! I did come away with a few um.. I guess you call them rubber burns? But it was worth it. Especially when I got to race people on the obstacle course. Let's just say I got a little competitive. Just a little.

I did walk away with a carpet burn as well, but that didn't really have anything to do with the sliding. It had to do with sheer stupidity on my part. Let me just explain--so there I was, stepping out of one the enclosed ones that had steps outside it. Well, let me point out that everything about the blow up thing is just that--blown up. Full of air. So, the "support walls" around the step down are also blown up. Well, I thought I might just sit down for a second and proceeded, without thinking, to sit on this said support wall. Well, I sat, or so I thought I was going to, and instead flipped over sides ways, landing on the ridiculously hard carpet. Luckily, I've learned to tuck and roll in these situations, and just rolled away with a carpet burn. And don't worry, I had 2 people talking to me when I did it. Fabulous.

Anyways, I have my interview tomorrow morning at UMC and am getting pretty nervous about it! I hope that it goes well. Keep me in your prayers if you think about it. I'll post later to let anyone know how it went. Ta ta!

German word/phrase:

Wie bitte?--Excuse me?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm going on an adventuuuuuure, Charlie...

DISCLAIMER: This one's a bit lengthy.

Well, I have some big, gigantic, awesome news. I'M GOING TO GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. Deutschland. Home to Bratwurst and weiner schnitzels. I mean, what more can a girl ask for? The best part of it is--I'm going to live there for 5 months. How lucky am I? I've been wanting to go there ever since I took German my freshman year.

So, you may wonder the story behind it. Well, if you look at one of my August posts, you'll see that I started taking German again (hence the German word of the blog). I have been wanting to pick it back up, no matter how useless I thought it might be (I mean, we all know that living in the U.S. means you'd benefit learning Spanish). Well, if you know me, you know I'm not normal. German just calls my name. Anyways, I have really wanted to use this year off to live outside of Mississippi. I knew I would stay here until December (I have my brother's wedding and one of my lifelong best friend's wedding in Nov. and Dec., respectively). After December, anything was possible. I contemplated Colorado more than anything. So, I've been waiting. And waiting.

One day, after talking to my sister about studying abroad in Italy, I began researching Italy. I mean, if Caitlyn goes to Italy, I sure as heck am going, too! When else am I going to have the opportunity to do this? After looking at Italy, I just kept thinking--why Italy? You are learning German and you know where you want to go live in Europe: Germany. So I told my gut feeling--FINE. I'll look into it. Well, I went to the International Mission Board website (the same organization I have been through before) and looked up available positions in Germany. Mind you, I've done this before with no luck. So I clicked search, the whole timing so sure of not finding anything, when BOOM. 2 positions appear, both with dates from January to June. I can't explain what happened at that moment. So many feelings overwhelmed me--excitement, disbelief, eagerness, anxiety, concern, happiness--I just didn't believe it. How amazing is God and his orchestration?

After finding the position, I applied, got recommendation letters sent, and waited. I prayed that this is what God wanted for me and not what I wanted for me. I found out yesterday morning that I have been accepted for the position, and I have been sent a list of attachments explaining the next steps. It's so hard to believe that I will be living away from my family, friends, and country for so long! I ask for your prayers, as I now have to start raising the money to be sent over there. I also need to buckle down and pick up some German! That's all for now! I'm going to be a GERMAN!

German word:
lernen--to learn
(...since that's what I gotta do now!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Try a little tenderness..

I got my schedule for this upcoming week when I went up to work yesterday, and I actually work over 20 hours! I couldn't be happier. I know you're thinking.. 20 hours? That's it? But, in camparison to the 4 - 12 hour weeks I've been having, it was just shy of a miracle. I don't know what happened, but I have no complaints.

While I'm talking about work, I got a few things I'd like to say. When you go into a retail store, try not to be rude to any of the workers. We had a woman come into the store yesterday and snap at one of our managers for not being fast enough. How in the world is snapping at someone going to make them WANT to help you anymore? I don't understand people sometimes. It's similar to people who are rude to their waiters/waitresses. Being rude to them doesn't make things much better. More than likely, all that will happen is getting a new flavor to your food--their spit. I've been with different people when I've gone out to eat who were rude to the waitress, and I wanted to go apologize for my friends and explain that I didn't want any "extra" ingredients in my food. I think there is a better way to get things taken care of than speaking without your beloved filter.

Anybody have any good suggestions for an appetizer? Or maybe a good recipe? It's my turn to make the appetizer for the week and I'm drawing a blank. I could use some help. Also, if anyone lives near a J. Crew, you really need to stop by. We have some major sale pieces out, and for a limited time you get to take an additional 25% off all things clearance! Check it out! Well, it's time for me to wind down. I get to go to work tomorrow morning.

German word:

das Wochenende--weekend
.... which is about to be over :(

Friday, September 19, 2008

I hate Lawyer Commercials..

I got an estimate on my car today. I'm supposed to get two estimates, but, as I have very little to do, I'm spreading out my errands as much as possible and getting the second estimate tomorrow. Exciting, isn't it? I'm not complaining, though, because I know I will one day be wishing I had zero responsibilities. It's looking to be at a little less than $2,000 worth of damage. Kinda stinks, doesn't it? I wonder what kind of rental car I'll get. I hope it's not some mamaw car. I can just imagine rollin' down the streets in a 2000 Lincoln Town Car. Talk about driving a tank. Maybe people will move out of my way when I cruise down the street?

I had a success in cooking my mom's famous Mac-n-Cheese tonight. Two of my friends, Amanda and Nikki, and I have started cooking once a week. I'm not ashamed in saying that my cooking abilities are below par, and I will do anything to get in some practice. Minus waffles--if you need a blueberry waffle cooked, you come and knock on my door. I will whip you up some healthy, scrumptious waffles. I've become good at making them only because I'm too cheap to go buy groceries often and make myself survive off my waffle mix. I mean, it's here and they taste good. Why not?

Wish I had some interesting updates. Maybe soon? In the mean time, I'm gonna watch X-Men cartoon on TV.. who knew this show came on at 1:30?

German Word:

Kochen--to cook.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Messed Up Rear End..

Since last post, I had a pretty interesting thing happened to me, and by interesting, I mean awful. I was on my way to work, running really late because traffic was bumper-to-bumper, when someone's bumper met my bumper. Kinda hard. Enough to have to get it fixed and soon have a rental car. I have to give Freddy the 4runner over to someone else for a few days.

In good news, though, I found out yesterday morning that I have an interview with UMC on September 30. Two weeks from today! I am so glad to finally hear back something. I was getting a bit anxious. I am excited/nervous. Not as nervous as last year when I went. I know more of what to expect. I hope this year is the year! Now I have to start preparing myself--whatever that entails.

Also, today has been the laziest day of my life. I didn't even do anything besides eat and sleep until about 2 p.m.? I feel awful for doing it; therefore, its time to go run. Hip Hop Hooray. Happy Tuesday!!

German Word:

Rennen--to run

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who Ya Gonna Call?

As I sit here watching one of the greatest movies, Ghostbusters II, I can't help but smile. Good grief, I don't know why, but I LOVE these movies--the original and the sequel!It's funny, it's serious, and probably written by someone delirious. The setting is real, the plot line is fake, all this rhyming makes me sound like a flake!!

Alright, now that THAT'S out of my system...
I finally heard back from AMCAS today. They are the folks that anyone applying to medical school applies through. Everyone fills out a basic application, lists the schools to whom they wish to apply, and then waits to hear back. They process your application (you know, make sure you didn't lie about your grades and stuff of that nature) and let you know when they're done. I am apparently an honest person, as nothing was changed on the application and it has now officially been processed. I thank you!

In other news, I am about 90% positive that I will be heading to Columbus/Starkville this weekend. This is the 3rd trip I have taken there in ooooh... the past 4 weeks? Let me tell you, my dad loves how much money I spend on all the oh-so-cheap gas. At least I will get to see some old friends! It makes it worth it! Can't wait. Piece!

German word:


This Day's gone like it's night.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Earlier yesterday, I was riding in the car with my mom, listening to my usual music choice: Michael Bublé. His song "Dream" began playing (which just so happens to be on this blog's playlist), and a feeling of peace came over me. I tried describing it to my mom, and I was having the hardest time. You know when a song comes on, and it feels like you don't have a care in the world? It's almost like you aren't there, just listening to music. I tend to picture myself in a million different places when songs like that come on. I sometimes think of myself in Europe, visiting the beauty this world has to offer in Italy, Spain, England.. and this song is playing in the background. Maybe I sound a little out there, or maybe I have watched one too many movies, but I'm quite okay with that. It makes life more interesting.

Today, I have been absolutely, one-hundred percent worthless. Between 7:30 last night and 2 today, I have watched 3 movies, 2 of which I sat in my bed lazily watching. What movies, you ask? I saw Death Race in theaters last night, and then Sydney White and Sense and Sensibility on DVD. I don't know how people do this multiple days in a row. I have got to get out of the house before I get cabin fever. I need contact with other human beings. So, on that note, I think it is time for Day to skidaddle (spelling?)!

German Word:


This Day's gone like it's night.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Adding another job..

So I had a funny moment today. I was on the phone with someone who I hadn't spoken to in quite awhile. I was on my way to visit, and after he said he looked forward to seeing me, my response was "Thank you." Really? Did I actually respond with thank you? Not, same to you, or I am just as excited, or good grief, anything that makes sense. Nope. I said thank you. I felt so rude. In my defense, I had just turned on my car and was backing into my driveway to turn around, while trying to put away my purse so quickly that I magically turned on the windshield wipers. I don't know why I try to do so many things at one time. I should know by now that it isn't safe for me.

Anyways, I am currently looking for a second part time job as J. Crew has decided to give us all a grand total of 8 hours of work each this week (minus the full-timers). I don't know who they are kidding, but working 8 hours doesn't put food on the table nor their precious clothes on my back. I love my discounts and working there, but seriously, 8 hours? I actually was scheduled for 4, but got lucky enough to double that by getting called in tonight. Gees. Well, I probably should sleep now. Might do me some good.

German word:

der Mann--Man

This Day's gone like it's night.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

We As Humans

I heard some really disturbing news from my mother last night. I'm a little behind the times because this happened a month ago, but it doesn't make it any less frightening. I have lost a lot of hope in mankind.

I'm going to go ahead and warn you. This is creepy, disturbing, and bone chilling to me. My mother and sister both told me about this, and I have now read articles about it. I read the story. It's about a 22-year-old guy in Canada who was stabbed on a Greyhound bus on his way home. He was asleep, listening to music, and on his way home to see his family. The next thing he knows, the guy, a complete stranger, next to him stabs him. A blood-curdling scream exits his mouth and the guy is on top of him continually stabbing him. Oh. My. Gosh. The rest of the story just gets worse, but if you want to read about it, one article is linked to the title of this blog, and the other I read is here. I can't stop thinking about this horrific event.

This scariest part to me is that when the boy was stabbed, everyone ran. No one tried to help. Immediate action had to have taken place for anything to work. Yes, I know this dude is obviously crazy, but last a checked, a bus full of people against one? I think the odds are still in their favor. If people had acted quickly, I think something could have been done. Instead, the bus driver pulls over and ushers everyone off the bus. They all stood outside the bus--listening, watching, waiting. Could you imagine the next year or so of your life? Remembering the screams and knowing you sat and watched it? I know it's easier for me to sit here in my comfortable house and type about how action should've taken place, but what I know is all I did this morning when I woke up before my alarm was think of how I ways I could have tried to help the guy. This story is just the cherry on top of the dessert of no action, reminding me about how no one wants to help. 

I guess it's not just this instance that has me scared. Its the neighbors screams that no one calls about until it's too late. Or the car alarm going off that you tune out. Or the person who just stole beer from the convenient store that you turn your head to and walk away. We don't want to step up. This world really has taught me to fight for myself because I sure can't count on the kindness of strangers.

I'm apologize for the somber attitude I brought to this blog, but I have no itinerary for what I am going to write. I hope we all learn that everyone needs our help, if only we're willing to give it! 

In celebration of Labor day...

German word:

die Arbeit - Labor

This Day's gone like it's night.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Rock on John McCain. 

That's right. I am completely pumped up about his VP pick, Gov. Sarah Palin. She's from Alaska, pro-life, mother of 5, and a  maverick. Check her out at wikipedia if you want to read why she's such a great pick! Or, guess you can also click on the title of this blog and see why you should vote for McCain and why he did such a positive thing by picking her.

Also, I talked to Katie H. and she's already evacuated New Orleans. She said things are getting a little hectic down there and could only imagine what it's gonna be like tomorrow. Isn't it quite weird to think today is the 3 year mark of when Katrina hit the MS coast and New Orleans? I think it's safe to say that the LA coast hates the end of August. Gustav has promise of bringing something nasty with it. I know just down here in Jackson people are stocking up on flashlights, batteries, bottled water, and gas for their generators. What can we say? We know that hurricanes do what they want. Good thing gas has already gone up a quarter. 

On that oh-so-positive note, happy Labor day weekend! Hope plans haven't been ruined like mine had (sorry for not getting in your Bachelorette party Kage!!) and that you still enjoy your Monday off. Happy vacationing!

German word:

der flughafen: airport.

This Day is gone like it's night!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

These past few days I have had a lot of time to sit and think (because I've hardly had to work). I know--it can be a dangerous thing. I've been trying to think about all the things I said I was going to do, or just wanted to do, and figure out how to achieve them. One thing was learning another language. How cool is it to say you are bilingual? When I meet someone who can say that, well, I know I immediately want to be his/her friend. I guess I'm thinking maybe I can be cool by association. So .now, all you folks that are friends with me, maybe you will soon be cool by association as well. How, you may ask? Because Day Smith has gone back to her German instruction. That's right--German. The spit-on-every-other-word, rough but oh-so-beautiful Deutsch. I've already purchased a set of CDs from Borders (not Rosetta Stone, as I'd like to eat for the next two weeks). Maybe I'll start including a German word of the day.. or well, word of the blog.

Why, you ask? I believe firmly in the phrase, "Better late than never." I'm still young. I don't know if learning German will benefit me at all, but I'd like to think it will. For all of the people who think its too late to pick up something new, or something that was on your "To Do" life list, remember, it's not! Go learn how to play the piano, how to snowboard, or even do a flip-turn in the pool :) Make yourself proud. Ok, that's all I got.

Let's start off with an easy German Word:
der Apfel: Apple

This Day's gone like it's night.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stop My Horse... Whoa Nelly!

Two posts in one week? Can it truly be happening? You betcha! That's what happens when you get to the point where your Friday night is spent watching a movie with your Dad on your weekend home. I watched No Country for Old Men. Good movie. Weird, but good. 

I just got home for a short weekend, visiting the parents, friends, and most importantly, helping with the shower thrown for Miss Katie Henry! I am excited to see her, as well as all my friends that I haven't seen in awhile. It's so refreshing to see those familiar faces that have grown so distant these past few months or years. Weddings aren't only bringing two people together--they're bringing decades of friendships to another stepping stone. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it's the only way I know how to put it. My friends, old and new, have become the core of who I am.  They talk; they listen. They help me discover so much about myself. I don't know where I would be without them to help me become the Chatty Cathy that we all know we really want to be. 

Speaking of Chatty Cathy, I recently discovered I've become one when I'm around my friends. I was actually called that twice today. Honestly, all my life I thought I was a decent listener. I tried to keep my comments about myself limited to only responses to questions. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. Then, as I got older, and by older I mean last year, I realized that I am not the great listener I thought I was. Don't you love getting a piece of humble pie? I'm actually the one who occupies most of the conversation. How did that happen? Who am I? Isn't it funny how the person you thought you were and the person you are, are no longer one in the same?  Can I ask another question knowing I won't get a verbal response? I've tried to, how shall I phrase it, "Simmer down now!" with the talking. There are a few friends who prefer it (God bless 'em). So to anyone who wishes I would stop with all the chatter, I'm working on it. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, looks like I've got a few less people to worry about.. score! 

Hmm, I'm pretty sure I had a main objective to this blog when I started. Now, I'm to the point that I have no point. I'm having writer's block. Am I not too young of a writer to have that?Maybe I should move on to my next event for the night: sleep. 

This Day's gone like it's night.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yes siree!

So today was spent my most favorite way ever: no work, getting up when I please, and hanging out at Borders to waste the afternoon away. Honestly, I know it sounds super nerdy, but going up to Borders or any bookstore and hanging out in the coffee shop has got to be one of the most relaxing times in my life. I will go up there to study (not that I have to do that anymore, haha!), read, or, my favorite, to talk with a friend(s). If you've never tried it, go out and do it ASAP. I know its nothing new, but that's what I like to do on my days off. Yes, yes, pass your judgement on my boring life, but what can I say? I'm easily entertained. 

There was a new guy (or I hope for his sake he was new) working in the coffee shop, and it took him few times longer than necessary to take my order. Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem for me. Shoot, I know that when I first started working on the register at J. Crew that I took "a little longer than necessary." This case was different. When I see someone struggling at the register, I try to make them feel a bit better. You know, crack a few corny jokes to make them feel better and laugh at the situation. I think my comment today was about the stamp "hiding" from you whenever you need it (you know, I have one of the frequent buyer cards that gets stamped and earns me a free one every six coffees). Well, it was a flop. He gave me the pity laugh (I thought only my good friends were allowed that privilege!) and then went about his business. Well, see if I make you feel better about yourself, dude! I walked away feeling awkward and unfunny. Not something I care for feeling. Ah, well, at least I can laugh about it later.

In other news, I have successfully submitted my med school application and have zero responsibility on that front. Cha-ching! I don't think I have ever had an easier time in my life than right now. It's like I've converted back to the summers in high school. Who knew I'd get that time again? I am over at my brother's right now, and he's getting ready to "fire up the grill" for some sweet action hamburgers. Jealous? This time of year is great for grilling out. Actually, the majority of the year here in Mississippi is great for grilling out. It's hardly ever too cold to grill outside. I think there are about.. hmm, what 6 days during the year that it's a problem? 

Oh, and get this, my friend Amanda, who works as a tech at a vet clinic down here, is making a "house call" to help neuter a cat.... and my friend Nikki and I get to go help here. Weird, right? I can't wait to see what that's all about. It will probably confirm my decision to never go to vet school if I had to take a guess. I'll take people over animals any day. 

Welp, I am gonna head to the kitchen and wander around to see if there is any sort of help I can be.


This Day's gone like it's night.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh the Irony

   So, I sat there and wrote a blog about procrastination and what did I do? I waited a stinkin' month and a some odd days to write another one. Wow, I am super on top of it, aren't I? I am so glad I can laugh at myself. I shouldn't be surprised at my lack of organization and dependability on things like this. In the words of my mom, "Such is life."

   Now that making fun of myself is out of the way, guess I can move on to the writing. Since my last post, I have acquired a new job at J. Crew. The first store to open up in the whole state! Watch out everybody! For any guys reading this, it's an all women's store. How silly, right? I mean, I don't have the biggest problem with it because I can wear anything in the store, but I do feel sorry for the guys who've been waiting for a J. Crew to come to town. We good ol' Miss'ippi folks have to take baby steps. On a better note, this job has some great schedules, I must say. I don't work full time (only management gets that glory) but I have random days off. I never work a full 8 hours in a day, either. I think the most I have worked is 6 hours, including a lunch or dinner break. Yes, yes, I know you're jealous. Oh, and did I mention the wicked discounts? I didn't? Well, just know that I am getting a GREAT deal on these pretty clothes.

   In other news, I am starting to get nervous about sending in my medical school application. I talked to a friend about it today, and I am a little on edge. This isn't my first go round at it, but if I don't get into school..... well I don't really have a plan B. So, I guess there isn't an "if" kind of situation going on. I am going to med school somewhere next year. Be it here or the Caribbean, I am doing it. I've been waiting a long time to hear someone say Dr. Day. That sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? Well, I guess I haven't considered the fact that you usually say Dr. in front of the last name. In other words, unless I tell you to, I won't ever get called Dr. Day. Well, crap. Guess I'll have to get me a big tricked out name tag.

   Has anyone been watching the Olympics? Haha, who am I kidding. That's like asking if anyone has had a mental thought today. Of course people have been. I have to admit, I got pretty emotional seeing our men's relays kick butt. Especially in the 400 m relay. Ah, when I saw Lezak out touch that guy at the end to be France by .07 seconds, I did a little dance! I mean, who are you "crushing" now, France??? yeah! NOT THE U.S.! *Click the title of this blog to watch the video* I think the reason I love the Olympics so much is that for once, people like to watch swimming. I think Michael Phelps helps things out a little bit. I'm no huge Phelps Phan, but you have to admit that guy can SWIM. I try to live vicariously through these swimmers, pretending that I should've stuck with it and made it there (because that could've happened and all.... not.) 

 Ok, I'm done ranting for the moment. I think my next post I'll include my adventures in first timer white water rafting. Who's excited?

This Day's gone like it's night.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I am a ridiculous procrastinator. Right now, I should be packing for the BEACH because we leave at 5:30 this afternoon, but yet I'm on here writing a blog. I'm super excited about getting some sun, but I'm a little nervous about how burnt I am going to get. Yes, I know I am going to get burnt because that's what us freckly, fair skin folks do. And plus I've never been on a beach trip where I didn't get burnt. 

    So, what is it about the beach that is so appealing? I mean, it's actually burning up outside. Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe because the air is so humid. I'm talking, I'm taking more water in than air.. And let's not forget about the temperature. You know how the weather channel gives you the actual temperature and also the "feels like" temperature? Well, the beach "feels like" temperature feels somewhere around 60 degrees hotter (yes, that was an exaggeration). I can't just sit out on the beach and lay out. Most girls are champs at it, but I don't think its worth getting melanoma for. I mean, come on! How boring is it to just lay there and sleep? Play frisbee or something to keep you from getting so overheated. How do people do that? Just lay there and soak up the sun for hours. I'm the one that takes a break with everyone when they go up to get lunch or forgot something in the room. It's sad actually. I see someone moving and immediately, "Are you going upstairs? I'll go with you!"

    Either way, it is fun being around everyone else having fun. Maybe my next post I can talk about the fun and even get so fancy as to put pictures up on here. Woo Hoo! I'm moving on up! Ok, I actually should start packing and running my errands. Did I mention that I don't even have a bathing suit yet? Yeah, like I said, I'm a procrastinator.

This Days gone like its night.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why Not?

So, after following in the footsteps of my friend, Lauren, I decided to start the whole "blogging" thing because I have no responsibilities right now. In other words, I'm being a bum and reading all day, so now is the perfect time to have a blog, right? I've never been a big writer, mostly because I've never been a big reader. Lately, I've proved the latter half of that statement very wrong. Why not prove the former half wrong, too? I know this blog is going to start off a bit rough, but hopefully I'll get into the habit of writing. Hopefully. 

      So anyways, what am I going to start off writing about? How about the fact that I'm getting ready to go cycling class, and I'm pretty much dreading everything about it. Don't get me wrong. I love working out because of the great effects it has on my health. Its the actual process of working out that I don't like. I LOVE the feeling I have once I'm done. The aching, exhausted, I-feel-good-for-actually-doing-something feeling. I keep thinking that once I get some sort of routine going I'll actually enjoy it. Problem is, I've been out of routine since I was oh, a junior in high school? Not a good thing for a 23-year-old. So maybe, just maybe, I'll remember how much I'm paying a month for the gym and do my best to get my money's worth.

      I was actually pretty proud of myself today. Lately, I've gotten into this rut where all I do is sit around the house, read, run maybe one errand during the day, and pretend to do some sort of work out. Well, today I actually got off my bum, ate lunch with Kari Ann, ran several errands, and am currently getting ready to work out. I also have an interview tomorrow for a job, and I'm almost done with my medical school application. Score! Looks like I'm one step closer to a routine. Also, a random thing happened today while I was at Borders. I went in to buy a coffee and a book (my most favorite thing to do) and ended up paying a total of $1.38 for everything. Pretty awesome, right? Guess when you use all the things you've earned, things like that happen. 

      Well, I'm off to run an errand for the bro. Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to write about next time! 


This Day's gone like it's night.