Monday, September 29, 2008

Pump it Up

So last Friday I had the opportunity to be a little kid again. You remember those big blow up things that you could go inside and jump on? Well, imagine that, but 11 different ones, each with something different to do. There were obstacle courses, slides, and jousting. IT WAS AWESOME!! I did come away with a few um.. I guess you call them rubber burns? But it was worth it. Especially when I got to race people on the obstacle course. Let's just say I got a little competitive. Just a little.

I did walk away with a carpet burn as well, but that didn't really have anything to do with the sliding. It had to do with sheer stupidity on my part. Let me just explain--so there I was, stepping out of one the enclosed ones that had steps outside it. Well, let me point out that everything about the blow up thing is just that--blown up. Full of air. So, the "support walls" around the step down are also blown up. Well, I thought I might just sit down for a second and proceeded, without thinking, to sit on this said support wall. Well, I sat, or so I thought I was going to, and instead flipped over sides ways, landing on the ridiculously hard carpet. Luckily, I've learned to tuck and roll in these situations, and just rolled away with a carpet burn. And don't worry, I had 2 people talking to me when I did it. Fabulous.

Anyways, I have my interview tomorrow morning at UMC and am getting pretty nervous about it! I hope that it goes well. Keep me in your prayers if you think about it. I'll post later to let anyone know how it went. Ta ta!

German word/phrase:

Wie bitte?--Excuse me?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm going on an adventuuuuuure, Charlie...

DISCLAIMER: This one's a bit lengthy.

Well, I have some big, gigantic, awesome news. I'M GOING TO GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. Deutschland. Home to Bratwurst and weiner schnitzels. I mean, what more can a girl ask for? The best part of it is--I'm going to live there for 5 months. How lucky am I? I've been wanting to go there ever since I took German my freshman year.

So, you may wonder the story behind it. Well, if you look at one of my August posts, you'll see that I started taking German again (hence the German word of the blog). I have been wanting to pick it back up, no matter how useless I thought it might be (I mean, we all know that living in the U.S. means you'd benefit learning Spanish). Well, if you know me, you know I'm not normal. German just calls my name. Anyways, I have really wanted to use this year off to live outside of Mississippi. I knew I would stay here until December (I have my brother's wedding and one of my lifelong best friend's wedding in Nov. and Dec., respectively). After December, anything was possible. I contemplated Colorado more than anything. So, I've been waiting. And waiting.

One day, after talking to my sister about studying abroad in Italy, I began researching Italy. I mean, if Caitlyn goes to Italy, I sure as heck am going, too! When else am I going to have the opportunity to do this? After looking at Italy, I just kept thinking--why Italy? You are learning German and you know where you want to go live in Europe: Germany. So I told my gut feeling--FINE. I'll look into it. Well, I went to the International Mission Board website (the same organization I have been through before) and looked up available positions in Germany. Mind you, I've done this before with no luck. So I clicked search, the whole timing so sure of not finding anything, when BOOM. 2 positions appear, both with dates from January to June. I can't explain what happened at that moment. So many feelings overwhelmed me--excitement, disbelief, eagerness, anxiety, concern, happiness--I just didn't believe it. How amazing is God and his orchestration?

After finding the position, I applied, got recommendation letters sent, and waited. I prayed that this is what God wanted for me and not what I wanted for me. I found out yesterday morning that I have been accepted for the position, and I have been sent a list of attachments explaining the next steps. It's so hard to believe that I will be living away from my family, friends, and country for so long! I ask for your prayers, as I now have to start raising the money to be sent over there. I also need to buckle down and pick up some German! That's all for now! I'm going to be a GERMAN!

German word:
lernen--to learn
(...since that's what I gotta do now!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Try a little tenderness..

I got my schedule for this upcoming week when I went up to work yesterday, and I actually work over 20 hours! I couldn't be happier. I know you're thinking.. 20 hours? That's it? But, in camparison to the 4 - 12 hour weeks I've been having, it was just shy of a miracle. I don't know what happened, but I have no complaints.

While I'm talking about work, I got a few things I'd like to say. When you go into a retail store, try not to be rude to any of the workers. We had a woman come into the store yesterday and snap at one of our managers for not being fast enough. How in the world is snapping at someone going to make them WANT to help you anymore? I don't understand people sometimes. It's similar to people who are rude to their waiters/waitresses. Being rude to them doesn't make things much better. More than likely, all that will happen is getting a new flavor to your food--their spit. I've been with different people when I've gone out to eat who were rude to the waitress, and I wanted to go apologize for my friends and explain that I didn't want any "extra" ingredients in my food. I think there is a better way to get things taken care of than speaking without your beloved filter.

Anybody have any good suggestions for an appetizer? Or maybe a good recipe? It's my turn to make the appetizer for the week and I'm drawing a blank. I could use some help. Also, if anyone lives near a J. Crew, you really need to stop by. We have some major sale pieces out, and for a limited time you get to take an additional 25% off all things clearance! Check it out! Well, it's time for me to wind down. I get to go to work tomorrow morning.

German word:

das Wochenende--weekend
.... which is about to be over :(

Friday, September 19, 2008

I hate Lawyer Commercials..

I got an estimate on my car today. I'm supposed to get two estimates, but, as I have very little to do, I'm spreading out my errands as much as possible and getting the second estimate tomorrow. Exciting, isn't it? I'm not complaining, though, because I know I will one day be wishing I had zero responsibilities. It's looking to be at a little less than $2,000 worth of damage. Kinda stinks, doesn't it? I wonder what kind of rental car I'll get. I hope it's not some mamaw car. I can just imagine rollin' down the streets in a 2000 Lincoln Town Car. Talk about driving a tank. Maybe people will move out of my way when I cruise down the street?

I had a success in cooking my mom's famous Mac-n-Cheese tonight. Two of my friends, Amanda and Nikki, and I have started cooking once a week. I'm not ashamed in saying that my cooking abilities are below par, and I will do anything to get in some practice. Minus waffles--if you need a blueberry waffle cooked, you come and knock on my door. I will whip you up some healthy, scrumptious waffles. I've become good at making them only because I'm too cheap to go buy groceries often and make myself survive off my waffle mix. I mean, it's here and they taste good. Why not?

Wish I had some interesting updates. Maybe soon? In the mean time, I'm gonna watch X-Men cartoon on TV.. who knew this show came on at 1:30?

German Word:

Kochen--to cook.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Messed Up Rear End..

Since last post, I had a pretty interesting thing happened to me, and by interesting, I mean awful. I was on my way to work, running really late because traffic was bumper-to-bumper, when someone's bumper met my bumper. Kinda hard. Enough to have to get it fixed and soon have a rental car. I have to give Freddy the 4runner over to someone else for a few days.

In good news, though, I found out yesterday morning that I have an interview with UMC on September 30. Two weeks from today! I am so glad to finally hear back something. I was getting a bit anxious. I am excited/nervous. Not as nervous as last year when I went. I know more of what to expect. I hope this year is the year! Now I have to start preparing myself--whatever that entails.

Also, today has been the laziest day of my life. I didn't even do anything besides eat and sleep until about 2 p.m.? I feel awful for doing it; therefore, its time to go run. Hip Hop Hooray. Happy Tuesday!!

German Word:

Rennen--to run

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who Ya Gonna Call?

As I sit here watching one of the greatest movies, Ghostbusters II, I can't help but smile. Good grief, I don't know why, but I LOVE these movies--the original and the sequel!It's funny, it's serious, and probably written by someone delirious. The setting is real, the plot line is fake, all this rhyming makes me sound like a flake!!

Alright, now that THAT'S out of my system...
I finally heard back from AMCAS today. They are the folks that anyone applying to medical school applies through. Everyone fills out a basic application, lists the schools to whom they wish to apply, and then waits to hear back. They process your application (you know, make sure you didn't lie about your grades and stuff of that nature) and let you know when they're done. I am apparently an honest person, as nothing was changed on the application and it has now officially been processed. I thank you!

In other news, I am about 90% positive that I will be heading to Columbus/Starkville this weekend. This is the 3rd trip I have taken there in ooooh... the past 4 weeks? Let me tell you, my dad loves how much money I spend on all the oh-so-cheap gas. At least I will get to see some old friends! It makes it worth it! Can't wait. Piece!

German word:


This Day's gone like it's night.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Earlier yesterday, I was riding in the car with my mom, listening to my usual music choice: Michael Bublé. His song "Dream" began playing (which just so happens to be on this blog's playlist), and a feeling of peace came over me. I tried describing it to my mom, and I was having the hardest time. You know when a song comes on, and it feels like you don't have a care in the world? It's almost like you aren't there, just listening to music. I tend to picture myself in a million different places when songs like that come on. I sometimes think of myself in Europe, visiting the beauty this world has to offer in Italy, Spain, England.. and this song is playing in the background. Maybe I sound a little out there, or maybe I have watched one too many movies, but I'm quite okay with that. It makes life more interesting.

Today, I have been absolutely, one-hundred percent worthless. Between 7:30 last night and 2 today, I have watched 3 movies, 2 of which I sat in my bed lazily watching. What movies, you ask? I saw Death Race in theaters last night, and then Sydney White and Sense and Sensibility on DVD. I don't know how people do this multiple days in a row. I have got to get out of the house before I get cabin fever. I need contact with other human beings. So, on that note, I think it is time for Day to skidaddle (spelling?)!

German Word:


This Day's gone like it's night.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Adding another job..

So I had a funny moment today. I was on the phone with someone who I hadn't spoken to in quite awhile. I was on my way to visit, and after he said he looked forward to seeing me, my response was "Thank you." Really? Did I actually respond with thank you? Not, same to you, or I am just as excited, or good grief, anything that makes sense. Nope. I said thank you. I felt so rude. In my defense, I had just turned on my car and was backing into my driveway to turn around, while trying to put away my purse so quickly that I magically turned on the windshield wipers. I don't know why I try to do so many things at one time. I should know by now that it isn't safe for me.

Anyways, I am currently looking for a second part time job as J. Crew has decided to give us all a grand total of 8 hours of work each this week (minus the full-timers). I don't know who they are kidding, but working 8 hours doesn't put food on the table nor their precious clothes on my back. I love my discounts and working there, but seriously, 8 hours? I actually was scheduled for 4, but got lucky enough to double that by getting called in tonight. Gees. Well, I probably should sleep now. Might do me some good.

German word:

der Mann--Man

This Day's gone like it's night.