Saturday, December 27, 2008

Retail Detail

So, as I have not much interesting going on in my life at the moment, I thought I'd write about a few pointers, or suggestions, to remember when you're going shopping in a retail store. I've always tried to be somewhat conscious of the workers at stores, but being on the other side has shown me a thing or two. These are merely suggestions that would make a retail worker's day!

1. When trying on clothes, it would be so nice of you to hang up everything that you tried on (that is, if it came on a hanger) before leaving the fitting room--unless you plan on buying the item.

2. If you're looking at a stack of clothes that has recently been folded, it'd be real nice if you tried not to mess up the whole stack when you're looking for your size. I know that's not always possible; I'm just asking to make sure it doesn't look like a hurricane hit that pretty stack of clothes.

3. If you go into a store and have no intentions on buying anything, please don't try on 50 different items. It's such a tease!

4. If you see a worker helping out a customer, please don't interrupt him/her unless it's a last resort--especiallly when they seem overloaded, and it's a useless question such as asking about where another store is located.

5. If you see shirts folded in a unique way and you think you can refold it that way, be my guest. If not, don't fold it some obviously incorrect way and walk away, smirking. It's just going to look silly and have to be completely refolded anyway. You'll probably get the evil eye. I mean, did it actually look like the rest of the stack?

6. If you're trying to be one of those amazingly kind people who puts up their stuff after trying it on, it'd be even better if you put your size in the correct spot. If not, you can leave it to the fitting room attendant to put up, or leave it hanging in the area where the "clothes that didn't work" are located.

7. If someone is in the middle of a transaction at the register, please don't ask them to go do something. They can't just leave the register in the middle of things.

8. When you're asked who was helping you, do you best to name ANYONE who did. If you're asked this, commission is might be involved. If not commission, then the store is trying to keep up with how each associate is doing in sales. Either way, it's important. It's quite a pet peeve when someone helps a customer and then the customer says, "Oh, I helped myself." Yeah, I'm sure you magically opened up the jewelry case and got that necklace, woman.

9. Don't leave empty coffee cups or trash on a shelf in the store. You know good and well that the store is not a trash can.

10. If you knock something over, pretty please pick it up. Don't let it collect dust and footprints on the floor.

11. Don't be afraid to ask an associate for help. It's actually pretty fun when you can answer people's questions! And when you don't like something that was picked out, it's ok to say no. It helps him/her figure out what you're looking for!

12. Lastly, when you're really nice to the workers, it makes them want to help you even more. People who are rude might seem to get their way, but it puts everyone in a bad mood. Being cheerful makes things move along quicker, and everyone is better for it!

That's all I got for now. If I think of more, I'll add 'em.

German phrase:
Wie alt bist du?--How old are you?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back in the game

Wow, was my last post really at the end of November? I'm embarrassed. I am nothing short of a slacker. My apologies to all you "avid readers" a.k.a. "bored-out-of-your-mind-begging-for-something-to-do-at-work readers." You know who you are :) I'm glad to be back on the blog field. My fingers are a little rusty, but I doubt that will make much of a difference. My first post back will be to talk about the wonderful event that took place this weekend: My Kage's beautiful wedding. It's still hard to believe she's already had it. I mean, she's no longer just Katie Henry. She's Katie Zumo! Ah! All I have to say is... welcome to the end of the alphabet, Katie bug!

Well, for those of you who didn't go, you missed out on much. The church was absolutely gorgeous-- and the ceremony gave you plenty of time to admire it. The rehearsal began at 5:30 on Friday, but of course I arrived late, along with Harper Ferg a few minutes behind me. BUT it being Katie's wedding, we didn't stick out like a sore thumb at all. The rehearsal dinner was so laid back. I absolutely loved it. The only light in the whole room was candle light. So many people gave toasts to Luke, to Katie.. and to Katie AND Luke. It was truly an honor to hear the love each of them has given and received from all their friends and family.

The reception was my favorite part because I was finally able to see so many people that I hadn't seen in awhile, and even take a most obvious picture with a few of them. I mean, seriously, we blocked one of the walkways so that we could all get in a picture together. I love my life. It was worth it to all get together... I mean, who knew so many people from Heritage class of '03 were gonna make it to the big easy?? I think maybe a fourth of the class was there? (even if that's only out of about 50 people....)

Katie was such a beautiful bride, as was expected. She was all smiles as the Priest announced, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Zumo! That's yet another close friend who I've watch make one of the happiest decisions of her life. Well, that's all I need to write about this. Congrats my Kage!

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