Monday, May 31, 2010

What would you give up?

Tonight I've been thinking a lot about the question, "What would you give up in order for someone to know Christ?"

Ideally, we'd all answer, "Everything." That's easy enough to say out loud (or in your head), but when you get down to naming things in particular, it gets really hard. I did this once while I was in Germany, and it really makes your wheels turn. Here are a few things that I'd be willing to give up if it meant that someone would come to know my Savior. Some may seem silly--but they're all things that, in the end, are very close to me.

Some simple things like...
Being able to wear make-up
Watching movies
Eating Peanut Butter
The Internet
My cell phone
Hot showers

Some more serious things like..
My worldly happiness (for I, like everyone else, seek happiness on this earth)
My vision
My ability to walk
Being able to see my family or friends
My language--or comprehension of any language
My reputation
My pride
...and ultimately, my life

Some of these things I did give up for awhile. It was hard--really hard. But, if it helped someone, it was worth it. It's an interesting thought, isn't it? Hope I've given you something to think about...

Monday, May 17, 2010


Hey Everyone!

I'm currently trying to raise money for the Brazil trip I wrote about previously (click here to read it). I haven't had much time to get the word out, so I'm using all my resources now that school is out. I would absolutely love it if you would be willing to help me out financially. I honestly don't think I'd be able to thank you enough. If you read this and would like to donate (anything you're willing to give--be it $5 or $500), you can mail a check to my church. The donation is tax deductible, and my gratitude is everlasting.

If you choose to donate, checks can be made payable to First Baptist Church, and please write Day Smith on the memo line so they will know its a donation for me. We fly out on June 2, but it's ok if you still would like to send money after that. Here is my church's address:

First Baptist Church
P.O. Box 829
Columbus, MS 39701

Also, for those who would like to know more about what is going on, here is an excerpt from my support letter:

"First Baptist Church of Columbus is sending a mission team to the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetlands in Brazil, to minister to people living in very difficult and challenging areas. Our mission team efforts will involve medical, VBS Bible studies and ministry to children both at VBS and in the schools, evangelism and the construction of a new church for a congregation that does not have one. We will be working in conjunction with a Brazilian Baptist Church and its pastor, Carlos Alberto da Silva, who is a missionary pastor and part of the local Baptist Association."

Thank you for taking the time to read :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

less than 72 hours..

Another short blog....

Just asking for prayers, prayers, and more prayers. Classes are finished, 1 test done (which went really well for us all!! Praise Jesus), but we have 4 left. The ones tomorrow will be the most difficult so I ask that you remember my classmates and me when talking to our Dad! Thank you so much. When we're done, we'll all be pros when it comes to the human brain/spinal cord. Freedom is so close that I can smell it...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Close...

Just barely a week left of classes. My last one is next Wednesday at 11. Naturally, there are plenty between now and then, but knowing I have a mere 8 days of classes left is amazing! Then 1 test on Thursday, 2 on Friday.... drum roll please.... and I'M DONE! My first year of medical school will be complete (Lord willing I pass Neuro).

I ask for your prayers for my classmates and me. We're all very worn out from studying and very, very tired.. and, for me at least, I've become very unmotivated. Please pray for strength to finish this last leg of the race!

Hope everyone is enjoying this grand Tuesday. Summer is almost here!

This is a picture of the buildings next to Wrigley Field in Chicago. There are stands on top of them. Crazy, right?