Wednesday, October 14, 2009

11 long days...

Just wanted to check in and mention that I think I'm officially experiencing the toughest 11 days of my life. From October 9 to October 19, I have 5 tests--pretty much one in every subject I'm taking, along with being a bridesmaid in a wedding this coming weekend (the 17th). But, I've made it through 3 of the tests, 1 of which was hands down the hardest of the 5. I'm pushing through, and once this is all over, I'll officially be over halfway through school :))))))

A random occurrence did put an interesting twist on my study time this week--a corneal abrasion. AKA scratch on my eye. How, you might ask? Beats me. I went to bed with an irritated eye Sunday night, and I awoke Monday morning with a red eye, watering and hurting. I decided that I would tough it out with my contacts because we had our gross anatomy test that afternoon (and who wants to be wearing glasses when you play with someone intestines?). Lo and behold, I went to the doc tuesday morning because things weren't any better and what do they tell me? I scratched my eye and have to wear an EYE PATCH for 24 hours.

If you've never worn an eye patch, let me tell you--it's weird. And don't be mistaken--its not the black pirate eye patch you're thinking about. It's a white patch that is taped onto my face. I am not allowed to drive (rightly so), nor do I have any depth perception. In fact, when I woke up this morning with it, I totally missed my toothbrush when I was trying to apply toothpaste. I skipped class, headed to the doc, and found out I have to wear a patch for ANOTHER 24 hours. For real. This time, I plan on drawing a skull and cross bones to dress it up for class tomorrow. Anyways, I'm off to read about biochemistry with one eye. Over and out!

"Hey Day, you better sleep with one eye open, just like when you're awake!!!"
Beth Brownlee

Hat made by Jodi--paper hat extraordinaire.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Heart and Soul

Well hello October!

A few things have happened in these last few weeks in September. We actually had a nice change in weather--weather that would actually constitute fall weather. We've had the kind of temperatures that make you actually want to stay outside, whether to study or to play frisbee. Although, I'm sure we'd all choose the latter of the two.

I've been busy with school, as always. We've had tests in every subject, thus far, and in some cases, two or three. I'm seeing what I'm up against--and I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of intimidating. Not enough to keep me from going up against it, but enough to keep me aware that there's no way you can survive medical school without proper preparation. That's always fun to learn the hard way. There have been some pretty cool things happen--like the fact that I got to use a bone saw, and I've now held the heart and lungs in my hands. Let me tell you--your heart is a lot bigger than you think.

I feel pretty terrible about my lack of communication with my friends and family. I take all the blame, but I know that as much as I hate neglecting time on the phone and in person, I know that it will be better after Christmas. So apologies to any of you reading this blog.

As far as my walk with Christ goes, cool things are happening. I've already had a great moment that answered my question as to whether or not I need to pursue medicine. The answer is yes, by the way. That makes all this 10x more bearable. I didn't realize how much of a difference that could make. This semester, like the past spring semester, makes me rely on God fully. I can tell when I don't. He provides, always, and I can't believe how lucky I am to have his undying love.

I still think about Dresden often, and I pray for the people of that city.

Have a great day... and enjoy all the beautiful weather you can!