Thursday, July 3, 2008


I am a ridiculous procrastinator. Right now, I should be packing for the BEACH because we leave at 5:30 this afternoon, but yet I'm on here writing a blog. I'm super excited about getting some sun, but I'm a little nervous about how burnt I am going to get. Yes, I know I am going to get burnt because that's what us freckly, fair skin folks do. And plus I've never been on a beach trip where I didn't get burnt. 

    So, what is it about the beach that is so appealing? I mean, it's actually burning up outside. Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe because the air is so humid. I'm talking, I'm taking more water in than air.. And let's not forget about the temperature. You know how the weather channel gives you the actual temperature and also the "feels like" temperature? Well, the beach "feels like" temperature feels somewhere around 60 degrees hotter (yes, that was an exaggeration). I can't just sit out on the beach and lay out. Most girls are champs at it, but I don't think its worth getting melanoma for. I mean, come on! How boring is it to just lay there and sleep? Play frisbee or something to keep you from getting so overheated. How do people do that? Just lay there and soak up the sun for hours. I'm the one that takes a break with everyone when they go up to get lunch or forgot something in the room. It's sad actually. I see someone moving and immediately, "Are you going upstairs? I'll go with you!"

    Either way, it is fun being around everyone else having fun. Maybe my next post I can talk about the fun and even get so fancy as to put pictures up on here. Woo Hoo! I'm moving on up! Ok, I actually should start packing and running my errands. Did I mention that I don't even have a bathing suit yet? Yeah, like I said, I'm a procrastinator.

This Days gone like its night.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why Not?

So, after following in the footsteps of my friend, Lauren, I decided to start the whole "blogging" thing because I have no responsibilities right now. In other words, I'm being a bum and reading all day, so now is the perfect time to have a blog, right? I've never been a big writer, mostly because I've never been a big reader. Lately, I've proved the latter half of that statement very wrong. Why not prove the former half wrong, too? I know this blog is going to start off a bit rough, but hopefully I'll get into the habit of writing. Hopefully. 

      So anyways, what am I going to start off writing about? How about the fact that I'm getting ready to go cycling class, and I'm pretty much dreading everything about it. Don't get me wrong. I love working out because of the great effects it has on my health. Its the actual process of working out that I don't like. I LOVE the feeling I have once I'm done. The aching, exhausted, I-feel-good-for-actually-doing-something feeling. I keep thinking that once I get some sort of routine going I'll actually enjoy it. Problem is, I've been out of routine since I was oh, a junior in high school? Not a good thing for a 23-year-old. So maybe, just maybe, I'll remember how much I'm paying a month for the gym and do my best to get my money's worth.

      I was actually pretty proud of myself today. Lately, I've gotten into this rut where all I do is sit around the house, read, run maybe one errand during the day, and pretend to do some sort of work out. Well, today I actually got off my bum, ate lunch with Kari Ann, ran several errands, and am currently getting ready to work out. I also have an interview tomorrow for a job, and I'm almost done with my medical school application. Score! Looks like I'm one step closer to a routine. Also, a random thing happened today while I was at Borders. I went in to buy a coffee and a book (my most favorite thing to do) and ended up paying a total of $1.38 for everything. Pretty awesome, right? Guess when you use all the things you've earned, things like that happen. 

      Well, I'm off to run an errand for the bro. Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to write about next time! 


This Day's gone like it's night.