Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where art thou?

Well, it has come to my attention that I have not updated my blog since January, and that blog post was a rant about college fandom. Let's see if I can get some new material on here so that's not the last thing people have read from me. Well, where have I been? What have I been doing?

I've finished year 3 of med school.
I helped stitch up a few people.
I helped deliver a baby.
I decided I wanted to be a pediatrician.
I then decided I wanted to be an internist because I'm much better with grown ups than kids.
No, medical school is not like Grey's Anatomy.
I cut off all my hair in September.
It's mostly grown back.
My 4th year, or M4 year, officially started at the beginning of this month.
I am in the process of studying for Step 2, which is yet another standardized test that all medical students have to take.
I have been dating Brandon for almost a year and a half.
I'm slowly approaching grown up status.

That's it for now. I'll try to write a better post soon. Happy 4th!