Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm studying for my histology board exam, but I thought I'd update the blog real quick. This is a video from the rodeo I went to on Valentine's day and here's a video of the best bull rider at the rodeo! Glad I went.. can't wait for next year. I'm dressing much more appropriately this next go 'round.

This second video was pretty cool because you can see how dangerous these bulls are even after the bull riding is over!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, here I am up late, for no reason. Typical. You'd think I'd try to go to bed early so I can get up at a normal hour. It's true that old habits die hard. One day I'll have a normal, adult sleeping schedule.

Tonight I do have somewhat of a reason to be up... and that reason is SNOW. And quite a decent amount, I must say. We've had classes cancelled so I get the whooooole day off. To study. Either way, I'm not skipping class this time. Plus, there's no new information for tomorrow = good possibility of catching up :)

This weekend should be a fun one. I'm planning to go see Valentine's Day (not exactly my choice) in honor of such a ..... "beloved".... holiday. Then Saturday night will lead to a night of salsa dancing (weather permitting) and Sunday will be the best day of all. No, it's not because its Hallmark Card day. It's because I'm going to the rodeo. Yep yep. My first time to experience the Dixie National Rodeo here in Jackson. It should be quite an adventure as I've only seen one rodeo before. I'm not your typical southerner in that respect.

Hopefully this weekend will be quite funfilled, as it's my last duty-free one until spring break. I can handle it though. Speaking of spring break--Mom, Caitlyn, and I are reuniting and heading to CHICAGO! more to come on that later. Merry Valentine's to all!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

for you, Germany

I am getting ready for bed so that I can get up and study more about the kidneys (trust me, you should looooove your kidneys for all they do). For some reason, I started feeling nostalgic for Germany.

I miss it. I can't believe I can actually say "this time last year..." about Germany. What? How? When did that happen? On Feb. 1 (guess it's really the 2nd), 2009, I was in process of learning the beautiful city of Dresden--learning places, people, customs, and culture... and still there is so much I didn't learn. Not until after I left. I pray for you Dresden, and for the Dietz family, and for Amy, because they are doing amazing things in that beautiful city.

Every time I think about that place, and those months, I tear up. Tears of joy? yes. Tears of sorrow? yes. Tears for fears? no. I changed because of you, Germany. I changed because of what God wanted me to do and become and see and believe because of you Germany. And I am forever grateful for you, Germany.