Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tornado Alley

Today, Tuscaloosa, AL, among many other cities in Alabama and Mississippi, was hit by a mile-wide tornado. It ripped through the town, destroying much of the city and harming anyone in its path. My sister lives over there, and she is safe. She said that she watched as the tornado headed her direction from only a mile away. It didn't make its way to her complex, thank the Lord. All my friends in Tuscaloosa are safe (thank you facebook statuses). Many families have lost loved ones, lost houses, lost businesses...

Please keep the families of Mississippi and Alabama in your prayers. A long road of recovery is ahead of them.

To see a video of the tornado, click here

To see a video of what the city of Tuscaloosa looks like after the tornado, click here

Edit: Please keep Georgia in your prayers as well. Looks like the tornadoes made their way all the way across the heart of the south.


jennifer said...

Please pray for northwest Georgia as well. Ringgold was flattened.

Keeping the South in my prayers!

Day said...

I didn't even realize until this morning how bad GA got it as well. glad you are ok! praying for us all.